What metal to choose for a worktop?

What metal to choose for a worktop?

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Answer: stainless steel for its solidity, rather than aluminum which is too fragile.

Stainless steel is the ideal metal to constitute a work plan. Whether polished or brushed, it has the advantage of being the strongest of metals. Avoid aluminum, because it is scratched quickly enough and is therefore not suitable for constituting the main material of a worktop. Stainless steel, for its part, offers a great capacity for resistance to heat and impact. The only defect with stainless steel is that over time, it can show traces of lime. However, regular maintenance will allow you to keep your work plan clean and in good condition. Here is a very useful tip to effectively clean your stainless steel worktop: as a cleaning product, use heated white vinegar, and rub your worktop with a microfiber cloth. If you don't have white vinegar on hand, household alcohol or baking soda can also do the trick. You too, send us your decoration question Vitrifying a wooden worktop Our practical DIY videos