The best of summer appliances that refreshes

The best of summer appliances that refreshes

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When the thermometer goes up, lower the temperature immediately. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to household appliances. Fan, ice cream maker, soda machine or relaxing foot bath, will take care of you and make you appreciate the summer season as it should. From the bathroom, to the garden, to the kitchen, discover the best of household appliances for a summer of freshness.

Take care of yourself !

When the temperatures are panicking, we want freshness. To find that feeling of well-being in your room, invest in a fan. Vintage in appearance or on the contrary in a more contemporary spirit, it adapts to your needs. To put in the bedroom for the night, the living room during the day, or even the terrace in the evening, it allows the temperature to drop by a few degrees. Likewise in contact with the heat, the stressed feet begin to swell. This unpleasant feeling can be alleviated with a relaxing foot bath. For an immediate ice effect, prefer cold water instead of lukewarm water.

At table !

In the oppressive heat of summer, the only dessert that wins all the votes is the 100% natural sorbet. Composed of water and fruit, this refreshing cocktail delights the taste buds and also the pupils of gourmets, with their fruity colors of raspberry, blueberry or blackcurrant. And to quench your thirst after this wellness program, invest in a soda machine. Easy to use, you make your own sparkling water and sodas yourself. After a feast or to refresh yourself at any time of the day, the soda machine may well become a kitchen essential! Our practical table decoration videos


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