Home and vacation: protecting yourself from disasters

Home and vacation: protecting yourself from disasters

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During the holidays, your home remains exposed to damage. And when claims occur during your absence, they often take on a much larger dimension. So to avoid unpleasant surprises that could well ruin your return, here are some easy tips to apply as soon as your absence is extended.

Your house left to itself

During your absence, no one is present to pamper your home and notice small problems. Suddenly, small annoyances can take on considerable proportions, like this poorly closed tap which will have spilled water for three weeks or this pipe whose joint is no longer effective. So to avoid any worries, it is better to ask a friend to come and visit you during your stay just to verify that everything is in order. And before leaving, go around the house, inside and outside, to check that everything is fine and ask another member of the family to take a little tour too. Also remember to leave your keys with a loved one so that they can intervene in the event of a problem.

Some advice before leaving

Summer is the favorite time of thunderstorms! So, to protect your electrical devices during your absence, it is strongly recommended to unplug equipment that may not resist lightning. For example, consider unplugging the television, computers and internet devices. Remember to cut these elements individually so that the home remains supplied with electricity for the fridge and freezer but also the alarm. Unplugging a few devices will protect your devices, but you will also save energy. You can also put the boiler on standby since it will not be used. On the water leakage side, the easiest way is to close the stopcock, which is located just after the water meter. It will avoid consuming a large amount of water in the event of a leak, but will also allow you to avoid both indoor and outdoor flooding.

What to do in case of disaster ?

If despite your precautions a claim is still to be declared, the ideal is that the person to whom you have entrusted the keys to your home take care of it as soon as possible to avoid aggravating the situation. If you only notice the incident when you get home, be aware that there are contracts for emergency assistance and breakdown services like Doméo, for example, which undertakes to make an intervention request to a qualified service provider ( plumbers, electricians, heating engineers) within an average of 8 minutes and a home organization within 2 hours to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. And this, throughout France, 7 days a week all year round and 24 hours a day. As soon as possible, also consider contacting your insurance in order to consider solutions with them and to obtain support and prompt reimbursement of damages.

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