What budget for a bathroom renovation with resin?

What budget for a bathroom renovation with resin?

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Question from Joëlle:


Answer: count 15 euros per m² for the resin

Hello Joëlle, resinating the elements of your bathroom is a solution that avoids large and expensive and time-consuming work to redo the tiling of the walls and the floor. With this process, you can dare the color without getting too wet as you can change it if it did not suit you! It is not very expensive because you only need sandpaper to sand the elements, a flat brush and a roller, a pair of gloves, acetone, a spatula in wood, colored resin pots, an enamel or stainless steel resin pot. You will need to count around 15 euros per m² for the resin. You too, send us your decoration question Vitrifying a wooden worktop Our practical DIY videos