Mistakes to Avoid in a Work-Friendly Office

Mistakes to Avoid in a Work-Friendly Office

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Whether at home or at work, your office must be a real space of concentration. But it is not always easy when the office is not thought of as a space conducive to work. To help you focus better, here are the mistakes to avoid for an optimal workspace.

Mistake to avoid # 1: place your desk in a noisy place

To work well, you must not be devolved. So if your office is in the living room you may find it difficult to focus on your work and prefer to participate in conversations or even watch television. The office should therefore be as isolated as possible to avoid distractions. If you can only place it elsewhere in the living room, make sure to isolate yourself with a screen, a bookcase or another separation that will allow you to focus on your work. At work, it's the same, noise can be a real problem, especially in open space. To avoid hearing your colleagues on the phone, try placing a few files or plants on the sides of your desk to make you feel a little more lonely.

Mistake to avoid # 2: bet on a distracting decoration

You are cheerful by nature and have transposed your personality into the decoration of your office except that it can easily distract you. Indeed, if your eye is more attracted by your wall decorations than by your computer screen or your notebook, it is that you must review your workspace to make it more studious. Know therefore that colors play a lot on concentration, it is chromotherapy which highlights the effects of color on our organism. This avoids the colors that excite as is the case of red or orange and we prefer tones that help to focus and reflect, properties that colors like purple or blue would have. In addition, tables, photos and other distractions are avoided in favor of a sober decoration. Why not equip yourself with a calendar or a wall schedule that will allow you to stay in a studious environment even when you look up.

Mistake to avoid # 3: having to travel to find your files

To avoid losing track of your business, it is important to be well organized. Indeed, if you have to get up and search the whole house or office for the file you want, you will inevitably waste time trying to resume the course of your thinking. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we always keep close to us the files we are dealing with. This will avoid unnecessary travel. In addition, in order not to waste time looking for the right document, care is taken to organize and classify your office. We do not hesitate to adopt archive boxes and banners to prioritize papers and save time. Note that there are too many things on your desk that can make your task more difficult, so you have to get to the point and know how to classify less important documents.


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