Create an original coat rack using industrial spools

Create an original coat rack using industrial spools

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to make an original coat rack using industrial coils. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: - A wooden board, - Industrial coils, - Screws and dowels, - A drill-driver, - Paint. 01 - To make this coat rack, you will need a wooden board, industrial coils, screws and dowels, a drill-driver and paint. 02 - Define the location of the hooks. 03 - Pre-drill the board to prevent the wood from bursting. 04 - Paint the board in the color of your choice. 05 - For invisible fixing, screw the coils from the back of the board. 06 - Insert plugs into the holes of the coils. 07 - This original coat rack will cost you the modest sum of 25 €.


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